Understand The Use Of Threading Tools

  • FRP threading tools are composed of a fiber rod layer and an ABS outer sheath. The quality of the threading tools mainly depends on the glass fiber layer. The glass fiber is divided into alkali-free fiber, medium-alkali fiber, high-alkali fiber, and fiberglass rods made of alkali-free fiber. To make the FRP perforator has strong toughness, high tensile force, not easy to break, and anti-aging.

    Category 6 can provide high-speed bandwidth 2.5 times higher than Category 5 in terms of transmission rate, and 300% ACR value higher than Category 5 at 100MHz. Now many places are beginning to use Category 6 network cables for data and monitoring system wiring transmission. . In terms of construction and installation, Category 6 is much more difficult than Category 5. The construction of a Category 6 wiring system must be carried out by the specifications required by international standards. Unreasonable pipeline laying, non-standard installation steps, and inadequate management system will affect the test results (including physical and electrical performance), and some will become difficult to repair faults, and even only one link can be relayed Come to replace.

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