Understand The Sharpening Skills Of Extra Long Wood Drill Bit

  • The wood drill is a commonly used drilling tool for mechanical processing. But in some cases, we need to use an extra long wood drill bit .

    Although the structure of the drill is simple, it is not easy to sharpen it. The key lies in mastering the methods and skills of sharpening. If the methods are mastered, the problem will be solved.

    The tip angle of the drill bit is generally 118°, but it can also be treated as 120°. The cutting edge should be level with the grinding wheel surface. Before grinding the drill bit, the main cutting edge of the drill bit and the grinding wheel surface should be placed on a horizontal surface, that is to say, to ensure that the entire edge must be ground when the cutting edge contacts the grinding wheel surface. This is the first step in the relative position of the drill bit and the grinding wheel. Set the position and then slowly lean on the surface of the grinding wheel. The axis of the drill bit should be inclined at an angle of 60° with the surface of the grinding wheel. This angle is the front angle of the drill bit. The angle at this time is incorrect, which will directly affect the size of the top angle of the drill bit, the shape of the main cutting edge, and the bevel angle of the chisel edge. This refers to the positional relationship between the axis of the drill bit and the surface of the grinding wheel. If 60° is taken, the cutting edge is 3/5.

    Of course, for all tools, including TCT circular saw blades , apart from maintenance, the most important thing is maintenance. We also need to be careful.