Features Of Tct Circular Saw Blades


    TCT saw blade is the abbreviation of Tungsten Carbide Circular Saw Blade. Carbide tungsten carbide insert circular saw blades, also known as TCT circular saw blades, so-referred to as TCT saw blades.

    Cemented carbide is a hard material made of tungsten carbide powder through high-temperature sintering with cobalt as a binder. High-quality alloy circular saw blade.

    The base materials suitable for hard alloy circular saw blades are: 65Mn, 50Mn2V, SK5, SKS51, 75Cr1, etc. Welding materials mainly include silver welding wire and silver welding lugs, the middle layer of the silver welding lugs is copper, and both sides are silver, so It is called a "sandwich" solder blade, which mainly plays the role of eliminating welding stress and slowing down cutting impact. Saw blades for electronic saws are generally welded by silver solder blades. The quality of carbide circular saw blades depends on the base steel plate material. The hardness of the tool bit material, the suitability of the welding material, and the fineness of the manufacturing process. Bonner saw blades have significant advantages in alloy saw blades.