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    Types of taps at Threading Tools Wholesale
    Straight flute tap (manual tap)
    Manual taps usually purchased at local hardware stores are the most common type of taps, but they should generally be avoided in CNC work. Straight flutes are the standard style of taps and are designed for a range of different common tapping applications.

    Spiral point tap (bull nose tap)
    These thread taps have a spiral cut with a safety groove. They are very common and look like most hand pats you will see around. However, the helix angle on the front cutting edge facilitates chip removal, and the beveled edge also provides excellent cutting performance. This feature, coupled with the excellent shearing effect of the groove, makes spiral point taps an ideal choice for through-hole tapping. Generally speaking, they are indeed the cheapest thread taps you might consider for power tapping.

    Spiral flute tap (gun type tap)
    Spiral flute taps have an open spiral like end mills. Their main advantage is to eject chips from the hole. When you have blind holes, they are always better than spiral point taps. They are also more suitable for discontinuous holes where another feature intersects, because the spiral helps to restart the thread through an open feature. Usually can provide slow spiral (18-30° helix angle) or fast spiral (45-52° helix angle). The following are suggestions for the helicity of various materials:

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