Introduction Of China Stud Supplier Products

  • Our Hexagon Socket Head Bolt range includes metric, unified and imperial sizes.

    We carry a large number of semi-finished socket caps, which allows us to manufacture and modify according to customer needs.

    All our socket caps meet the specifications required by BS/ISO/DIN standards.

    Socket cover screw
    Hexagon socket screws have a small cylindrical head with high vertical sides. The hexagon socket (hex socket) driver is a six-sided groove, which can be used in conjunction with a hexagon wrench (hex wrench).

    Hexagon socket screws are used in applications where space is limited. They have a cylindrical head and an internal wrench function (mainly a hex socket), allowing them to be used in locations where external wrench fasteners are not required.

    They are used in critical vehicle applications, machine tools, tools and molds, earth-moving and mining machinery, and a wide range of engineering applications. The most important reasons for the increasing use of China Stud Supplier hexagon socket screws in the industry are safety, reliability and economy