Two outstanding retired players arrived in the game with the re

  • Players have now officially entered the second season of NBA 2K21 MyTeam, which means there will be a lot of content. Dunkers game packs have appeared in the game recently, and there are some players who are known for their Grand Slam. Last Friday, MyTeam launched a brand new series that includes NBA 2K21 Flash 2 packaging and cards. Two players who have performed very well in their respective careers followed. They are the Pink Diamond Edition Gilbert Arenas and Glitched Tim Duncan. Players must spend a lot of NBA 2K21 MT to get them.

    Gilbert Arenas, known as Agent 0, has performed very well throughout his career. When he was at his peak, when he played for the Washington Wizards, he scored 60 points under the defense of Kobe Bryant from the Los Angeles Lakers. This is the highest score of his career. It can also be seen from the side how powerful his ability is. After all, Kobe was also an NBA superstar with super strength and repeatedly entered the NBA's strongest defensive team.

    Another superstar is power forward Tim Duncan from the San Antonio Spurs. Fans call him the most powerful power forward in history, no dispute. In the second season of his career, he teamed up with the team’s center David Robinson to win the NBA championship that year. And his state has been very strong from entering the NBA to retiring. Everyone said that the Spurs No. 1 pick was too worthwhile. During his 20 years with the Spurs, he led the team to win five NBA championships.

    If players can include these two players in their lineup, the odds of winning the game will undoubtedly improve. The new NBA 2K21 Flash 2 pack costs 7,500 virtual currency or 10,500 MT per box of five items. The current price of a 10-box is 67,500 VC, while the price of a 20-box is 135,000 VC. The price of PD Gilbert Arenas is close to 300,000 2K21 MT and the price of Glitched Duncan has also been above 500,000 MT. Players can first go to Buy a lot of Cheap 2K21 MT at GameMS and then return to buy them.