Path of Exile should recognize what POE 2 is like

  • From the various actions of Grinding Gear Games this year, players can see that the game team has been trying to balance the new expansion with POE 2. Originally, they expected to release POE 2 Beta at the end of this year, but because of the impact of the COVID-19 and Cyberpunk 2077 release time, players could not enjoy the joy of the sequel. The game studio has also repeatedly moved developers from Path of Exile 2 Beta’s development work to the current league update work. Fortunately, GGG released some epic activities in time to make POE Currency accumulated by players available.

    Until now, the game team could not determine when they will release POE 2 because there are too many unknown interferences. Players think that after GGG normally releases the POE 3.13 expansion, they will be ready to release POE 2. However, considering the current situation and the next few months, the release time of POE 2 seems to be far away. Grinding Gear Games co-founder Chris Wilson told us that one reason for this is not worth it. The studio can undoubtedly combine a beta version, but it does not provide the desired value of game testing.

    They only said that developers are gradually testing whether the game content in POE 2 is workable, but they don’t know how valuable it will be. Although this may have marketing value, game developers would rather try to get some game testing value from it. In the interview, GGG president stated that they hope to maintain the healthy and sustainable development trend of the original Path of Exile before studying POE 2. Because they don’t want the release of the sequel to become a disaster, it will bring a fatal blow to the game.

    Although players cannot enjoy new things, they need to know that expansion is the main content of Path of Exile. The game team thinks so too. They don’t want to release several expansions hastily and affect the normal upward trend of the game itself. The principal reason is that players have a misunderstanding about POE 2. In fact, it is only a rewarding content rather than mainstream content. In short, players who are currently playing epic-level activities can Buy POE Currency to replace the unreleased sense of loss of POE 2.