Improve The Quality Of Tacky Sublimation Paper

  • High-quality roll sublimation paper can make the corresponding digital printing more clear and beautiful, and it can also ensure that every detail can be omitted during the transfer process. The reason why high-quality thermal transfer paper can show good The high quality and high-quality transfer quality are also due to the reliable and assured heat transfer paper supplier adopting professional production technology to improve the effect of the finished product.

    What are the methods for thermal transfer paper suppliers to improve product quality?

    1. Selected paper quality to ensure durability

    In the process of thermal transfer, the corresponding paper needs to be durable and the quality of the transfer needs to be guaranteed. In the process of selecting raw materials, the smaller the diameter of the corresponding particles, the lower the air permeability of the base paper, which makes the relevant The transfer pattern density is higher, so the currently used thermal transfer system suppliers can strengthen the screening of their pulp materials, and ensure that the molecular structure is smaller, so that the paper produced is more refined and has smaller pores. The same structure of this machine can also form a higher paper density, so that the paper is not easy to be damaged during the transfer process and the quality is better.

    1. Various methods to correct color cast

    It is reported that the thermal transfer paper must be able to effectively restore the printed pattern, and the current practical thermal transfer paper supply materials can use the method of changing the level to correct the color deviation, and also through the method of removing the background color or adjusting the background color. It also allows this reliable thermal transfer paper supply product to obtain a good display capability. The effect of this color adjustment allows the current reliable thermal transfer paper supply products to have a better color tone, and the printed quality and printed patterns can be better restored during use.

    In short, reliable and assured thermal transfer paper supply channels can upgrade its own thermal transfer paper production quality from multiple angles, and the corresponding paper quality and its color need to meet various needs in the transfer process. In this regard, the value-added thermal transfer paper supplier can realize the common application of multiple production methods, and the adjustment and improvement of the technology allows its tacky sublimation paper production to show better printing quality.