Experience Coloring Of Tacky Sublimation Paper

  • Here are mainly introduced several different coloring methods in the use of dye sublimation paper for reference:
       1. Screen display method-adjust the color of the image by adjusting the color displayed on the screen, usually through the color menu on the screen to select or adjust the color. This method is very useful when matching colors or when starting to color. It is a color mixing method commonly used by designers. However, due to the difference between the color development principle of the fluorescent screen and the color development principle of the dye on the fabric, all the colors that can be displayed on the screen cannot be expressed on the fabric by the dye, and the small differences between the colors displayed by the dye cannot It is clearly displayed on the screen. Therefore, this is a rough color toning method and cannot be used for accurate color toning.
      2. Color card grading method-grading by comparing the colors in the color card.
      3. Color measurement method-with the aid of a color measurement instrument, measure the color of the target color block, input the color measurement result into the computer, and then print the color. This method uses instruments to determine the color, so it excludes many human and environmental factors.
       4. The empirical tinting method of tacky sublimation paper-the speed of the tinting process and the accuracy of the results are completely dependent on this requires the operator to continuously analyze and accumulate in the usual work.