Use Of Tacky Sublimation Paper

  • The application plan of tacky sublimation paper can be said to be relatively broad now. Some of our daily patterns, or the printing of silicone products, or other book printing, are very common now. The age is changing, and it is naturally hot now. The processing skills of the transfer printing film are also much higher, the quality requirements are also higher, and the demand is constantly increasing.

    Using thermal transfer technology, even for patterns with multiple colors, because the thermal transfer operation is only one process, customers can shorten the working time of printing patterns and reduce the loss of materials (finished products) due to printing errors. In other words, the use of thermal transfer film can draw multi-color patterns at one time, without color matching, that is, some simple equipment can also be used to print realistic patterns, and then the application plan is greatly improved, and the transfer operation is completed.

    Because of the heat of the picture, the color of the picture will be stronger than the color carried by water in the end, and will not fade easily. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, and fire resistance, and can maintain the characteristics of not changing color for ten to decades. Therefore, heat transfer skills are particularly suitable for electrical appliances, daily necessities, building materials, decoration and other objects that have special requirements for pictures. For example, trademarks, barcodes, labels, etc. Able to use thermal transfer technology to print on products. It is also because the heat transfer technology has such advantages and disadvantages, so it is usually loved and used by decoration shops, printing houses and building materials departments with certain planning.

    dye sublimation paper is coated with a protective layer, a base color layer, a release layer and a hot melt adhesive layer; by heating a high-temperature silicon roller, temperature and pressure are applied to the transfer foil to decorate the wood grain printing layer and the surface protective layer , The transfer layer composed of the background color layer is separated from the polyethylene and transferred to the surface of the article to form a decoration appearance pattern, and make the appearance have excellent performance such as wear resistance, heat resistance, light resistance, etc., the markings are novel and beautiful, and the color tone Stable, it is a widely used decoration material.