Features Of Keyed Alike Padlock Manufacturers

  •   If the key bar is smooth and without teeth, such a lock is a magnetic lock. In fact, the key head is covered with a sleeve. If you remove the sleeve, you can see that there are three to five small dots inlaid on it. The magnetic lock is not reliable, and the cross lock is easy to open. Special tools for opening magnetic locks and cross locks are available in the market. With this tool, a thief can open most of the stainless steel lock and cross locks within a minute or two.

       The computer lock compound type lock is more reliable. There are three to five circular grooves on the computer lock key. These grooves are arranged and combined by the manufacturer using computers, so they are called computer locks.

      Different manufacturers usually use different computer programs. The location, size, and depth of the grooves are naturally different, so its mutual opening rate is much lower than that of cross locks and flat locks. Even a master of unlocking, it takes about ten minutes to open a computer lock.

       There is also a kind of anti-theft door lock that is more reliable, and that is the composite lock. The so-called composite lock refers to the combination of two or more lock cores with different principles on the same lock.

       The common compound lock on the market is a combination of a pin lock and a magnetic lock, which is called a magnetic compound lock by some people. To open this kind of lock, you must first destroy the magnetism of the lock before it can be unlocked technically.

       But the magnetic composite locks of keyed alike padlock manufacturers also have a fatal weakness. If the key is improperly stored, hit by gravity or encounter high temperature, it will be demagnetized. Once demagnetized, the lock cannot be opened.