Maintenance Of Keyed Alike Padlock Manufacturers

  • Insulate it
    Insulating your stainless steel lock can reduce the risk of freezing by keeping it warm. You don't have to use actual building insulation materials. Instead, try to wrap your lock with a thick towel or even a few socks. The fabric will form an insulating barrier between the lock and the otherwise icy air. If it’s a bit cold outside, a thick towel or a few pairs of socks may provide enough protection to prevent your locks from freezing.

    Treat with lubricant
    Another way to prevent the lock from freezing is to treat it with lubricant. Lubricants will still freeze, but their freezing point is usually lower than water, which is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, lubricant may help protect your lock from freezing in cold weather. Just spray liquid lubricant products around the keyhole and shackle.

    If your lock happens to be frozen, keyed alike padlock manufacturers suggest that you wrap it in a warm towel. After a few minutes, any ice in the lock should melt. Of course, you can avoid such situations by following the tips listed here. The most important thing is to choose high-quality locks that are natural and moisture-proof.