Laying Of Tiles After Pex Crimp Fitting

  • Many people need to lay tiles after installing PEX Crimp Fitting. In order to ensure the normal use of floor heating pipes, what should we pay attention to?

    First of all, pay attention to leaving seams. In order to ensure the space for thermal expansion and contraction of tiles, it can also make up for the defects of tile size deviation.

    Secondly, do not use heavy or sharp objects on the ground, which will easily damage the floor heating pipe. After the tiles are transported back from other places, let them stand for a few days. Because the temperature difference in each area is different, there will be slight changes in thermal expansion and contraction. After a few days, the temperature of the tiles can be adjusted to the temperature of the laying area. To reduce the deformation of the tiles.

    The above is about the precautions for laying ceramic tiles, because the installation of PEX Fittings Plastic is only for laying, so pay attention to the protection of the floor heating pipe, and do not damage the floor heating pipe.