Introduction Of Pex Fittings Wholesale Construction

  •  Regarding F2159 PEX Crimp Fitting, people are most worried about the problems in the later stage, so the selection and construction of the materials in the early stage are very important.
    Let me talk about the laying process of underfloor heating construction.
    Clean the ground, lay the insulation layer, lay the reflective layer, install the pipeline on the reflective layer, water injection pressure test, cement mortar filling
    1. Insulation layer Insulation layer is to prevent the loss of heat to the downstairs, and play a role in maintaining constant temperature.
    2. The reflective film has a bright colored material called the reflective film. The reflective film is laid on the insulation layer. Its function is to reflect the heat emitted by the pipe upwards. The reflective layer is made of non-woven fabric, mirror surface, aluminum and other materials. . The disadvantage of non-woven fabric is that it will be decomposed after being filled with cement mortar. Although the reflective layer of the mirror will not be decomposed, the reflection effect is not as high as that of aluminum. Among the three reflective layers, aluminum has the most reflective effect. Ok.

    1. Floor heating pipes have been laid on the pipe reflective film. The heat emitted by these pipes is the warm indoors. The material of floor heating pipes is generally hot polyethylene pert pipe. The advantage of pert pipes is that they will not be added during the production process. Any additives, make this kind of pipeline not only high temperature resistance, long life, and environmental protection will be better.
    2. After the cement mortar pipeline is laid, fill it with cement mortar. After the filling is completed, you can lay your favorite floor tiles or wooden floors on it.
    3. The manifolds of PEX Fittings Wholesale have red and blue pipes. Red represents water intake, blue represents return water, and rotary switches represent floor heating switches in each area.