Segregation of duties in your ISMS according to ISO 27001

  • ISO 27001 Certification in Sri Lanka today’s automated solutions and information and communication technologies permit a few people to handle a great deal of information and processes (e.g., stock trade operators and atmosphere site visitor’s controllers).

    While this is excellent to improve productivity, a strong side effect is that these few humans may additionally stop up competition excessive abilities and/or privilege upstairs the operating surroundings and, in case they are absent or have malicious intent, that can prove in conformity with lie an unacceptable risk, who should remain handled.

    This article will present a widely used concept to approach this situation, the segregation regarding duties, and whether ISO 27001 Consultant in Kenya considers that between an ISMS in conformity with decrease the danger to that amount an odd role may also bear the chance to compromise an organization’s activities.

    Segregation of duties general definition, purpose, and principles

    Segregation about responsibilities refers to practices where the knowledge and/or privileges wished after fulfilled a process are damaged up then refuted among more than one users therefore as no alone one is capable on office or controlling it by himself.

    The main purpose according to request segregation about duties is after prevent the perpetration and quarrel on fraud or carelessness into the regular path about the activities, ISO 27001 Implementation in Indonesia on account that having more than some man or woman in conformity with function a venture minimizes the opportunity concerning wrong and will increase the hazards after discover it, as much well namely in conformity with detect accidental errors.

    The principles that can be applicable according to segregation of duties are:

    • sequential separation, then an activity is damaged within steps executed with the aid of special people (e.g., solicitation, approval and implementation regarding get admission to rights)
    • individual separation, now at least two individuals must approve an activity earlier than it is committed (e.g., contractor payment)
    • spatial separation, when unique activities are executed between special areas (e.g., locations to receive and shop raw material)
    • factorial separation, so several factors make a contribution after pastime completion (e.g., two-factor get entry to authentication).



    ISO 27001 sequence objectives and guidance on segregation of duties

    ISO 27001 considers segregation about obligations according to stand certain potential controls in conformity with stand applicable in conformity with monitoring implementation or act of statistics safety inside the company.

    The standard limit requires fighting obligations then areas of responsibilities to be segregated among discipline to decrease the hazard about an asset’s unauthorized or accidental modification or misuse. ISO 27001 Registration in Kenya the dedication on whether the power is relevant and as duties or areas must be under A.6.1.2 ought to keep done in accordance the effects concerning a gamble assessment.

    Since the segregation regarding duties concept is straightforward, ISO 27002, the standard will provide practices because statistics protection controls, does no longer provide tons additional orientation other than that previously presented, except because joining points:

    • control graph has to think about the possibility about collusion (when pair and extra events believe in after commit fraud or reap biased expertise by way of compromising a method execution)
    • when segregation of obligations is difficult then not possible according to achieve, compensating controls must remain applied (detailed statistics will remain introduced of similarly among it article)


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