Difference Between HACCP and ISO 22000

  • HACCP Certification in Sri Lanka the idea of HACCP, being the abbreviation for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, was created during the 1960s by a group of researchers and specialists from the Pillsbury Company. Their point was to deliver "zero deformities" food items for NASA space travelers. However, the first HACCP standard was given in quite a while by the U.S. Public Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Criteria for Food (NACMCF)1. After the main correction in 1992, it was received by the Codex Alimentarius Commission2 and distributed as the primary global HACCP standard.

    From that point forward, it has been broadly and effectively applied by the food business and by administrative specialists to forestall and control chances related with potential perils that can make food be dangerous.

    Is there any contrast among "HACCP" and "the HACCP framework"?

    For individuals that are not associated with the food business, HACCP and the HACCP framework may seem like exactly the same thing, and actually they vary.

    HACCP is an industry-explicit danger evaluation apparatus which centers around forestalling risks instead of examining final results. This apparatus can be applied all through the natural pecking order from essential creation to conclusive utilization.

    This is not the same as the HACCP framework which is an all-around perceived Food Safety System. The framework empowers the distinguishing proof and control of perils that may happen in food creation measure. It centers on the avoidance of possible perils by rigorously observing and controlling each basic control point of the food creation measure. HACCP Registration in Thailand despite the fact that the framework at first comprised of three standards, throughout the long term it has been overhauled and numerous progressions have been made to rearrange and make its execution simpler. The underlying idea of HACCP has never showed signs of change.

    The three unique HACCP standards were:

    1. Distinguishing proof and appraisal of dangers related with the food item;
    2. Assurance of the basic control focuses to control the distinguished dangers; and
    3. Foundation of a framework to screen the basic control focuses.

    Presently, there are five primer advances and seven standards related with utilization of the HACCP framework (see A). Starter steps are extra advances laid out by the Codex, which should be finished before the seven standards of HACCP are completed. These means guarantee more viable foundation, execution and the executives of the HACCP framework.


    1. Utilization of the HACCP framework in 12 stages

    Five primer advances:

    1. Collect HACCP group
    2. Depict the item
    3. Distinguish planned use
    4. Develop stream chart
    5. On location affirmation of stream graph

    Seven standards of the HACCP framework:

    1. Direct a dangers examination
    2. Decide Critical Control Points
    3. Build up basic cutoff points for each CCP
    4. Build up an observing framework for each CCP
    5. Set up remedial activities
    6. Build up check methods
    7. Set up documentation and record keeping

    The HACCP framework is relevant to any organization notwithstanding to its size, or in HACCP Consultant in Kenya the event that it is straightforwardly or in a roundabout way associated with the evolved way of life. The execution of HACCP framework ought to be upheld by essential projects (see B). As such, an organization planning for HACCP framework execution ought to have set up essential projects working as per public guidelines, codes of training or other food handling prerequisites. Essential projects recorded beneath might be incorporated to help the HACCP framework, yet not all organizations have similar essential projects.

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