The Difference Between Cut Pile Fabric And Flocking


    There are thousands of flannels on the market now, only what we can’t think of is not unavailable, so there are many flannels with quality and value.
    The colors and patterns are very similar. Let's now understand what is the difference betweencut pile fabric and flocking?

    The soft fluff on the surface of the foundation of various products is not restricted by the shape and size of the plant body.
    Flocking features: three-dimensional, bright colors, texture, luxurious, warm, strong image, poison and tasteless, blood expensive
    Moisture-proof, non-linting, friction-resistant, seamless.
    Such as: paper non-woven fabric, artificial leather, plastic, glass, metal, rubber, wood, sponge, gypsum board, artificial board, plastic sheet,
    Foam, ceramic, resin, etc. Flocking industry is very popular, representative industries:
    1. Handicraft industry: various patterns and materials of toys, handicrafts, photo frame backboards, gifts, craft calligraphy and painting, artificial flowers, craft statues
    Material lanterns and so on.
    2. Industry: Jewelry boxes, health care product packaging boxes, wine boxes, glasses boxes, marriage certificates, high-end certificate skins, wine bottles, luggage, non-drying
    Glue, paper (board), etc.
    3. Automobiles: automobile rubber sealing strips, plastic parts in the automobile industry, etc.
    4. Other industries: automobiles, hangers, fire door safes, lamps, cabinets, sanitary ware, furniture, sponges, EVA, various
    Material hangers, etc.
    5. Resin, ceramics, plaster, glass, plastic, plastic plastic parts, flocking on the surface of toys.
    Cut pile cuts the loops of ordinary towels, so that the surface of the textile is also full of piles. Cut pile cloth can be cut pile, but
    Cut the pile on one side, and still have loops on the other side.
    It is also possible to cut piles locally to form pattern pile loops, which are printed on each other. The characteristic of co-flannel is that it is soft and comfortable to use, and it is more characteristic than ordinary knowledge.
    Hygroscopicity and softness.
    Cut pile and cut woolen loop cloth, cut and trim the pile by cutting pile and cut the pile while disguising the clothes as short, the pile is a bit shorter than the looped cloth
    Similar to the fluff on the surface of biological fleece.
    Those cute ones who love cut pile towels are easy to absorb moisture. Generally use terry feel, but in addition, there is also.
    Cut pile carpet, cut pile cloth, etc.
    The product will not fall off after washing, and the quality of the faded thread (depending on the quality of the thread) (and the use of plastic fiber yarn will not fall down. The cost is compared with the cost of ordinary embroidery.
    Counterfeit, but saves the work of lining and trimming the goods.
    There are also auxiliary materials that can be recycled. This embroidery machine can be widely used in luggage, plush cloth, toys, hats and other industries.
    Customers from South Korea, Japan, Europe and the United States are welcome. This embroidery machine is suitable for the work of tops with different thicknesses of materials, and the embroidered effect is soft and in thin materials. The effect of embroidery on knitted fabric is better.

    It is precisely because of the above-mentioned series of characteristics that cut pile is often used as Decoration fabric .