How Do You Choose Sofa Fabric?


    1、 Select according to the decoration style
    Everyone's home decoration style is different, pastoral, modern and simple, European, American, mixed and so on. The choice of sofa naturally depends on the decoration style in the home. American and European country style fabric sofas often use broken flowers or lattice fabrics to create a natural and warm atmosphere; Italian style is simple and generous. It often uses very bright or cold monochrome fabrics, with unique personality and so on. Different decoration styles naturally have to choose different styles of sofa fabric.
    2、 Choose according to the living environment
    Sofa is the most important furniture in the living room. It should be coordinated with the decoration and layout of the living room, and the color and style of walls, doors and windows, ground and other places, so as to create a more harmonious and natural living room. Otherwise, it can only be a living room with stacked furniture, no style, confusion and disunity. Generally, the large living room with spacious, bright and good daylighting, and the cloth sofa with bright colors such as big flowers, big red, big green and square are very suitable, which can create a more comfortable living room; If the walls of the living room have colors or more pattern hanging decorations, the sofa is not suitable for choosing gorgeous colors. Choosing plain fabrics will appear elegant, so as to avoid too many colors in the living room.
    3、 Select according to the sofa frame
    Whether the sofa frame is strong or not is related to the service life and quality assurance of the sofa. When selecting the fabric sofa, one end of the sofa can be raised. When the raised part is 10cm off the ground, whether the leg of the other end is off the ground. Only when the other side is off the ground can the inspection be passed.
    4、 Choose according to the feel of the sofa
    The feel of the sofa is very important. The fabric of the sofa is different. It feels different when touching and sitting. Some fabrics even irritate the skin, or someone is particularly sensitive and uncomfortable to some fabrics. When buying, you can touch the fabric on the surface of the sofa, sit down and try to feel, and choose a suitable fabric sofa.
    5、 Select according to the disassembly of sofa cover
    One big defect of cloth sofa is that the fabric is cloth, which is easy to get dirty, so it is necessary to remove and wash the cloth cover regularly, so it is also very important whether it is convenient to remove and wash the cloth cover of cloth sofa. When you choose, you can study how to remove the cloth cover and estimate whether it is difficult to install it back. If you can let the salesperson demonstrate, the effect is the best.

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