Decoration Fabric Manufacturer Woule Like to Compare These Two


    Linen and cotton introduced by Decoration fabric manufacturer are natural fibers in textiles. The cotton plant has an interesting past of production comparable to the flax plant that makes linen. Similar to bast fibers used to make jute (and linen being classified as a bast fiber), cotton and linen are both natural alternatives for many products.

    However, the distinction is clear. Linen is typically stronger than cotton. Its strength attributes to the flax fiber, which is slightly thicker than cotton fibers.

    This point, along with the longer length of its fibers, contributes to its durability. Cotton fibers are smaller but ultimately softer than linen fiber. When processed, cotton feels silkier to the touch over linen.

    Arguably most important, both linen and cotton are wicking fabrics. This means that they retain moisture and remain as sturdy as they were dry. That’s why towels are made from linen or cotton.

    Overall, the uses for both cotton and linen are as versatile as they are limitless.

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