One Person Company (OPC) Registration in Bangalore?

  • In OPC REGISTRATION in Bangalore, the Companies Act in 2013 has introduced the concept of One Person Company (OPC) in Bangalore. This has enabled the entrepreneurs to start a venture if they are capable of doing this. It is important that to note here that the rules do not permit non-banking financial institutions to Register as OPC. It also encourages self-employment within the scope of Government legal system. There can be only one member in an OPC. Only a natural person who is a citizen of India in the upcoming calendar year (who has stayed in India for a minimum of 182 days) can form an OPC. The member of the OPC will not be incorporating more than one OPC.


    OPC Service provider in Bangalore has many advantages some of them are:

    Separate legal entity: The OPC has the status of a separate legal entity from its promoters. Therefore, the businessmen are capable of doing what he/she wants.

    Easy funding: It is very simple for OPC to increase funds through venture capital, financial institution, or angel funding. One may even have the option to raise funds by converting into a private limited company.

    Limited liability: The liability of the OPC is restricted to the extent of the share held by the individual. Therefore, it also enables the individual can face more exposure in danger in business. More opportunities are given without affecting or suffering a loss of personal assets. 

    Benefits of being a small-scale industry: Benefits can be benefitted by achieving a lower rate of interest on loans, easy funding from banks without any security deposit, etc. All these availabilities help to establish a business in its initial years.

    Taxation benefits: Unlike ownership, as per the Income Tax Law, any compensation paid to the director of an OPC will be allowed as a deduction.

    Increased trust: A company form of business allows an increased trust and prestige than the other forms of business.

    Receive interest on late payment: Under the Enterprises Development Act, 2006, an OPC can have benefits because it is a new start-up, micro, small or medium. It is also entitled to receive interest that it has three times the bank rate.

    Compliance requirement: The compliance requirements are not in huge number in comparing to the private company.


    OPC Registration Consultants in Bangalore One the process of Registration as per follows:

    Application for Digital Signature Certificate (DSC): To avail of a DSC, the proposed director will be requiring certain documents regarding; address proof, Aadhar card, PAN card, photograph, email-id, and phone number. DSC is the most important as most of the company registration processes are done digitally.

    Application for Director Identification Number (DIN): The proposed director will have to complete the SPIC e-Form to obtain DIN. The details of name and address proof of the Director should be submitting here. In case the company already exists, Form DIR 3 has to be completed.

    Name Approval Application: The name for company registration can be approved either by making an application in Form SPIC e 32 or by using the RUN web service of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. One trusted name along with the signature has to be given. The ministry will be deciding authority to permit two proposed names along with one re-submission. If name of the company is once approved by ministry then will affix privately limited at the end, for instance, ABC (OPC) Private Limited. You can conduct your company name search here.


    How to Apply for OPC Registration Services in Bangalore?


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