One Person Company (OPC): Process of Registration, Required Doc

  • OPC Company registration in Indiranagar is the newest form of business registration that was introduced in India through Organization Act 2013, totally a new concept has arrived with many salient versatile features and that are made advantages for entrepreneurship.


    The person who is looking to demonstrate the idea with seamless limited liability functions and lone management authority can take up this entity for OPC registration.


    Section 2(62) defines that the One Person Company as a Company that has only one person as a member. In alternate languages, there is only one person who is playing the major role of director, manager, planner, coordinator, and analyst for management and its business, all in the jurisdiction's eye.


    As this entity comes up with many advantages for and to the entrepreneur and the management, here is the topmost reason for registering yourself as one personal company in India.


    OPC registration service provider in Indiranagar has many benefits of One Person Company Registration:


    Independent Existence: This is one of the major advantages that come up with this under the eye of the law, a company is nothing but a person, having a standard seal, and never ending succession. It gets the authority to make sure all the functions of an incorporated person have proceeded.

    Limited Liability: The person is limited to raise unlimited liability as the law defines that the liability of the member will grow up to the extent of his share in the company. Hence, consider it as a better outcome.

    Separate Property: An OPC has its entity due to having separate functions and legal entities. So, OPC will become the owner of its valuable assets, and the member of this asset will not have any rights to the assets of the company.

    Tax Flexibility and Savings: Director’s remuneration, interest, and rent are a reducible expense that will deduct the profitability of the Company and ultimately reduces the taxable income of the business.

    Complete Control of The Company: Due to the restriction of having one person as a member and owner of the OPC company, the person has complete control and authority of the company inside and outside as well.

    If you’re thinking of registration for One Person Company in India, the following are the documents required mentioned.


    Required Documents for Obtaining OPC Certificate:


    DIN (Director Identification Number) of that director

    DSC (Digital Signature) of that director and that particular shareholder

    Self-attested PAN Card copy of that director and that particular shareholder and that individual nominee

    Passport size colour photo of nominee or the director in the JPEG format

    Occupation and educational qualification, nationality, and place of birth


    Step by Step Procedure of One Person Company Registration


    Opc Registration Consultants in Indiranagar that provides you benefits in the form of fast, affordable, and secured one-person company registration. Here’s the steps you have to follow for obtaining an OPC certificate:-


    Verification of documents provided by you

    Application for Name Approval (online RUN WEB Application on MCA Portal)

    Obtaining DSC (Class-2) and DIN as required above. However, in new companies DIN can be obtained within the SPICe + facility

    Incorporation of the company along with the filing of e-MOA and e-AOA

    Providing you Certificate of Incorporation

    Filing of Commencement of business certificate after 180 days (separately chargeable)

    What you will get? DIN for 1 director, One DSC, Name approval of company- RUN WEB FORM/ SPICe+, Memorandum of Association/ Article of Association of Company (e-MOA/e-AOA), and much more.


    How to Apply for OPC REGISTRATION in Indiranagar?


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