Absolutely agreed

  • New Leaf and Animal Crossing Items New Horizons have shifted the attention up to now in the villagers that neither really felt great. New Horizons at least attempted to make it feel just like the personalities were farther apart than in New Leaf with two quite different ones at the very beginning of the game, but after a while the elimination of hobbies only means neither game really has much for the villagers to talk about. I think I would be ready to give up a few content upgrades if the trade off was dialog at least on par with the first, though preferably Wild World.

    Agreed! There is undoubtedly a nostalgia factor, but I can not help but believe that ACNH remains kind of vacant. At least whenever there weren't any events to perform in ACNL, I could go to Tortimer's island!

    Absolutely agreed. I can't get the most from my sport since it's locked away behind these damn balloons.

    However it should not be the only way to get them. They could just do something simple, such as when you catch a maple leaf you would have a 1/10 possibility of your character moving"wait, that is not a leaf it's a DIY" or Nook Miles Ticket For Sale anything like this.