NFL players and coaches will cast their votes on Friday

  • Through Madden NFL 21 Mobile and Mut 21 coins Madden NFL 21 on consoles. Additionally, Madden NFL players will see Pro Bowl voting material and announcements in-game throughout the duration of the voting period, using more manners Madden NFL lovers can play an active part in virtual in-game roll improvements to come.

    Directly on Twitter through the final two weeks of unemployment (Dec. 1 - Dec. 17). Fans can vote directly on Twitter by tweeting the first and last name of the participant, tagging the participant's official Twitter handle or creating a hashtag such as the player's first and last name.

    NFL players and coaches will cast their votes on Friday, Dec. 18. Player selections will be set by the consensus votes of fans, coaches and players, with each group's vote counting as one toward determining the All-Star players that will be chosen to this year's Virtual Pro Bowl.

    The NFL, ESPN and ABC will continue working collectively on Pro Bowl, creating engaging content from the start of the Pro Bowl vote all of the way during the traditional Pro Bowl week and gameday. The week-long collection of virtual events celebrating the Pro Bowl is going to cheapest madden 21 coins be featured in a special program, which will broadcast on ESPN and ABC. More detail to be announced at a later date.