To mine at the core, you need special equipment

  • Then, you must capture a breeze. This seems impossible, but really functions. Speak to OSRS gold the Archaeologist out of Desert Treasure. He'll be pleased to help. He will provide you a slate with a seemingly unreadable spell. Take this to the guy at the Varrock Museum and he will say it signifies'Ay Masnay Formoasay Beatleay'. Use this with a Bottle and You'll Find an Enchanted Bottle. Go to the desert and once you walk , a breeze will fill your bottle.

    However, this is no standard snow from Brudnt The Chieftan from Relekka (where you get it). It Has to Be burned with Superglass Make from the Lunar spellbook. Use it and it'll turn to ice, then to snow again, and then water. Bring this to the Wise Old Man without a time limitation.

    To mine at the core, you need special equipment. Proceed to Professor Oddenstien and he will say he and Ava have been working together to create a Heat Suit, which will protect you from extraordinary heat. He'll provide you the beta version. Now, go talk to Thurgo, in the Knights Sword Quest. He'll say a concealed ladder close to him direct to the core, but he is not telling where. Go poke around and you'll discover it. Mine from the firey core and bring back Hot Rocks into the Wise Old Man within 60 seconds, or they will cool.

    This is the easy part--you want to await a random to buy RuneScape Mobile gold bring you to ScapeRune. You have to bring back an artefact anyway you can. Once complete he will provide you a cape! Quest Complete! Benefits: Elite Cape. 20k XP in 3 skills of choice that are over level 50. New Dungeon which generates monsters! Comments?