You won't consider

  • Ugh I wanted to moderate the sub but I need to Animal Crossing Bells have both a Google accounts and a Discord? Stupid. A Reddit account should be the one thing necessary, I shouldn't need to go through the same level of measures as it is to substitute an ID. Not happening.

    The fact you want to hide conversations off this website isn't a fantastic sign. There's not anything high level when it comes to moderating a simple game series like this. I will have my privacy.

    You won't consider this application but I'm applying here, on the board I plan on moderating. Feel free to disregard this article just like you dismiss many articles in the sub.

    I'll answer the questions if I feel as if you'd think about them.

    Bring a wand, umbrella (such as cuteness sake), a musical instrument, and Cheap Nook Miles Ticket some other fun handheld stuff you have??