The great majority of the things on your list

  • Also just have unlimited balls, it is dumb we've got to NBA 2K21 MT Coins wait for these ), and possibly, just maybe have the ability to throw a custom shell defense out there so you may practice plays or playing against a zone or some of those other 1,000,000 things we should be able to perform in a practice mode.

    The great majority of the things on your list and I agree and I think most folks here would. Here is the problem: 95% of the things you listed 2k does on purpose and will never fix. It has been proven time and time again they would rather have game that ignites than a one might. A lot of your suggestions will immediately result in less cash (pack odds etc), and also many would. A lot of the things that are gameplay"mistakes" are deliberate. 2k does their homework and they know people who are mad are more inclined to give money to them so they get up a leg.

    Talking about NBA 2K21's current-gen gameplay

    As an example they understand habit courts/jerseys are problematic but they would like you to state"that's bullshit I just lost because I couldn't tell the difference between the players and the courtroom. I need a much better group so that I can slap the cheesers who do so." Then packs are bought by that individual. As a guy who possesses every town, classic and statement uni that I love the notion of more courts. From the classic uni section the throwback raptors and warriors are white but are off unis has to Cheap NBA 2K21 MT be adjusted. More stuff like that would be so ill! Anyhow great list.