After winning a coach's challenge

  • Tell us exactly what we need to NBA 2K21 MT do in order to get Player X to acquire Takeover Y. The guesswork shouldn't be a part of it. If I have to boost his SWB into XX to get Slasher Takeover, I should know this, not have to experiment. If I want him to become Sharpshooter, what do I want to get his 3 point feature to? If I need him to be Lockdown what's the plan? Stop keeping this a secret!

    After winning a coach's challenge, it goes to a center court jump ball. Problem is the camera is stuck on the trainer's expression and we can't win the jump because the activity begins before the camera switches back. Pretty big bug that a QA staff ought to have identified. This sometimes, but seldom, also occurs on inbounds, leading to your pressing the inbound button and having it be intercepted. When a ball is stolen and the thief falls into the floor exposing the ballpressing X doesn't pass that, rather your participant lies on his back, waiting on the opposing team to come and grip the ball, causing a jump ball. The only way out of this situation shouldn't be calling timeout.

    In the majority of the challenges, the CPU group isn't going to have the 8th and 9th men on (such as ) the 1979 Sonics title team. That is fine. But this results in Cheap 2K21 MT the starters playing moments for the complete match and showing no signs of exhaustion in any way. This isn't just for historic teams. A team from a year ago (Brooklyn Nets) at Dwight Spotlight Game 16 has D'Angelo Russell perform the entire match of 7 minute quarters irrespective of score.