He uses Ancient Magics, including Miasmic

  • Return to the Historical Cavern and try to OSRS gold go through this Mithril Door. You will triumph. There'll be several Nightmare Terrors and Nightmare Spikes (Nightmare Spike-level 62, ranged user, can turn off your prayer randomly) attacking you. In the middle, the critters will vanish, and a phantasm appears. He explains the Nightmare Creatures are pawns of whomsoever summons them, so both Zamorakians and Zarosians may utilize them. The Phantasm has been revealed to be part of Zaros's soul. He will strike you, inflicting huge harm unless you have a minumum of one piece of elemental balance armor, or the weapon.

    He uses Ancient Magics, including Miasmic, in addition to ranged and a melee attack using a power whip. Defeating him is more of a struggle of wits than many battles you fight. He appears in the middle of the point, does a emote, disappears, starts an attack (in the ground, not in you, so you can dodge), disappears, repeat and rinse. I will not go into details about what occurs, think of it yourself. If you know what attack is coming, but not where it is going to be you can use astrology, but everytime you use astrology to block an attack, then your prayer is drained several points.

    Also, the only real temptations that have impact in here would be the barbarian"mix" potions. When the Phantasm is dead, he will laugh and say your efforts are pitiful in the face of Evil Incarnate. However, you did make him vanish for a time. Head to the north of buy RuneScape Mobile gold the area and there'll be a dark crystal there.