What do the various categories in Madden 21 Auction House mean

  • Why can the Madden series last forever? It can attribute to the unremitting support of the fans, the interesting gameplay that the game team continues to create, and the increasingly perfect game mechanics. Although the franchise model has not changed in Madden 21, players can save themselves more MUT 21 Coins by understanding how the auction house works in the game, which is also good.

    Players who enter the auction house want to see if other players are currently selling something they really want. They need to search more precisely to find their goals. Some players just come to go shopping, not sure what they want to buy. They can use the position of the player card as a filter condition, if they like a quarterback, then choose a quarterback. If you like central defenders, then choose central defenders. They can also use the rating of each player card as a filter. The principle is the same as the previous filter condition.

    For another example, some players want to form a legendary lineup of the Ravens. Then they can also use this as a screening condition to get many players who have played for the Ravens and then buy them according to their financial strength to complete their dreams. Or they can use the upper limit of the player card’s ability as a filter condition. Although a player in the strongest state may not be as good as those top superstars in overall ability, as long as the players like it, it’s OK. There is also a very reasonable screening condition is the chemical reaction of the team. Players need to choose an excellent player that can cooperate with the players in their ready-made team, which can help the team’s overall competitiveness to a higher level.

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