What are the major changes to the skills in the new expansion o

  • After Grinding Gear Games released the Path of Exile 3.13 expansion on January 15th, it explained to players they have improved the skills that not used before. They also reduced the role that certain overly powerful and abnormal specific skills can play. The primary purpose is to more balance the development of overall game skills. More than 40 kinds of skills have been enhanced. And the game team also explained that they not only made numerical adjustments to the value of the skill, they may also make more subtle adjustments one day. In short, players should make all preparations, including POE Currency.

    Players now only need 0.25 seconds to release Scorching Ray, instead of 0.5 seconds. And its maximum mana consumption range has also been reduced from 4-11 to 2-5. It means that players can release more damage to the target in a shorter time and at a higher frequency and make it reach the flame exposure state faster. Cobra Lash Projectiles now deal 5% more damage for each remaining Chain and converts 60% of physical damage to chaos damage (from 50%).

    The development team also made some basic changes to other skills. Earthshatter now has a slightly larger variance in the distance that spikes occur from the initial slam position, and the explosion radius for spikes has decreased. These changes should reduce the overlap of the spike explosion, especially with large single targets. The contagion decreased the radius of the skill slightly. Combined with Essence Drain, it was consistently one of the most efficient abilities to Buy POE Currency.

    These newly changed skills will bloom its due power one day in the future. However, if the player’s own strength is too weak, it is impossible to master these skills. Therefore, in view of this situation, it is best for players to Buy more POE Currency to accumulate their strength and then gradually learn and master these skills until they can use them proficiently.