The latest Path of Exile 3.13.1.d has upgraded some experience

  • Path of Exile 3.13 extension has only released for more than a month and there have been several patch updates, which shows that the development team has been paying attention to the players’ experience and made corresponding measures in time to improve and compensate for the players’ enjoyment discomfort in the process. Following the recent Path of Exile 3.13.1c patch, the latest 3.13.1.d added to the game a few days ago. Players had better Buy POE Currency to meet some novel changes.

    The developers swear that this latest patch will make the player experience more enjoyable and fulfilling. But for the novice players who are entering Path of Exile for the first time, they can’t feel anything but experience that Path of Exile is so colorful. Ordinary players need to restart the client to feel what has changed. This patch 3.13.1d involves an invitation from Maven and can now tell you which bosses you have witnessed. In addition, they have improved loading. After viewing the full screen UI panel, the texture will not reload.

    The patch also fixes some bugs in the game that have complained most by players. The Guardian’s Aid Atlas Passive node can now activate by players normally. The replacement quality effect of abnormal golem gems can now work normally without delaying the normal game progress of players. The Alternate Quality effect on the Phantasmal Earthquake gem has worked correctly. The last patch program also brought a bad visual effect by mistake, and now this bug does not exist anymore.

    It shows that players can continue to play in the dark world of Path of Exile. The new Ritual League continues to provide fresh fun to players. So competitive players can try to Buy more POE Currency to enhance their competitiveness in the game so that they can achieve the goal.