The success of Path of Exile Echoes of Atlas surprised Chris Wi

  • So far, Path of Exile has gone through seven years. It has been insisting on innovative ideas and seeking greater success. According to official background data, among all the masterpieces of Grinding Gear Games, Path of Exile Echoes of Atlas is the most downloaded extension. Obviously we can see how high the expectations of players are for it. It is already the thirty-fifth expansion launched by POE. Since GGG released it in mid-January, the number of players has increased by 11%. So many players’ demand for POE Currency is also rising rapidly.

    Chris Wilson said Echoes of Atlas was popular for other reasons. Besides the smooth release process, for those dedicated players, the development team provides new peak content for these players to test their level of strength and also provides fresh ways to control the content they take part in. For ordinary players, they created new gameplay and explored the world of Wraeclast by rebalancing all the dominant classes. For new and old players, the fun mechanism of the Ritual League is an enormous temptation for all players. They can both rob others and Buy POE Currency.

    Besides the excellence of Path of Exile itself, the flexibility and battle rewards of Echoes of Atlas also deserve so much attention. Novice players should know that the standard league is suitable for ordinary players to take part, the core league is suitable for powerful players, and the current Ritual league is a temporary league for players to get unique loot and battles. Path of Exile has repeatedly rushed into the top five of Steam, and its incomparable charm makes it go further and further in the field of RPG games.

    Chris Wilson also said that with the increasingly crowded gaming market now, Path of Exile can no longer often rank among the forefront of Steam, and as more gaming platforms expand, Path of Exile players are gradually not limited to The number of POE players on PC and game consoles is also rising rapidly. So it does not reflect some of their growth on Steam, which is normal. But they are still thrilled every time Path of Exile achieves brilliant success. Players on the console are also best to Buy more POE Currency to support the better and faster development of their characters.