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  • ..inside you. Im sorry. I will get back to you in a couple of EVE Echoes ISK hours!Didnt know shit nobody is taking damage nobody is hitting on anybody then suddenly qc wins?

    Well qc was holding the gate to stop red advancing toward the Citadel which had a 15 minute timer. Following the 15 minute timer has been run down red had no motive to continue the struggle and qc accomplished thier objective of defending the Citadel. Both sides stood down. Together with qc winning this battle.Confused here too. Both sides make their own warp bubblessit within them...and? There is no twist bubbles yet so I find it very unlikely.Disclaimer: This was done on the phone. Bare with me, its my first time doing it. But wanted to bring a little for the community to see. Would love to see more Corps get right into this.

    What exactly are you using to document on the phone with?Normal screen recorder and built in phone editor. Later on I downloaded ActionDirector to reduce the videos togehter.They're shield bubble. Each fleet sits at a shield bubble. A site I designed to show price information and background for Eve Echoes.You've put off building your site long enough. With Squarespace, you can start your business, portfolio, project, or brand very quickly. (Not actually. More like 30 minutes.) Let's get started.

    This is great, the neighborhood continues to Buy EVE Mobile ISK amaze me with the amount of value people are willing to simply share at no cost. (Unless this is a secret plan to manipulate the markets for gain, which I would also respect as being completely within the spirit of the sport ). I mainly made this since it had been sorely lacking in-game, so I'm glad that people think that it's useful. In terms of manipulating the markets: '' I wish I were clever enough to have done that.