Do you still have it?

  • I could, but you would need an extremely strong furnace to OSRS gold smelt it. I've planned for an extreme heat-producing machine. Should you bring me Armanite Ore, and 5 bits of molten glass, I can smelt you a bar. Okay. Speak to him again. Speak to him for more info. It's rumored that Armanite Ore is in fact the flesh of a monster made from ores. Lately, scattered ores are discovered northwest of Varrock. I would check around there.

    Head to the south-west of Varrock. There'll be five or so scattered Copper, Tin, and clay around (all these are gone following the quest!) . There will also be a mysterious rock, colored purple. If you begin to mine it (45 mining demanded ), it lifts up and it is really a monster made of rock! Kill it, and choose the Armalite Ore. There is a random drop of a Steel, Bronze, or Iron pub. Head to Entrana (or somewhere else), create 5 molten glass, and then take it back into mani. Talk to mani.

    Here's the glass and the Armalite Ore. Mani assembles a giant magnifying glass and sets the ore beneath. Thank you for your help constructing this laminated glass. It ought to help me a lot with smelting! Should you ever have ores needing smelting, I will do it for you at an affordable price! No problem!

    Head to the expansive tree. Speak to Blueberry. Have you ever heard of a Chocolate Tuesday? It is funny you should mention that! Someone sold me yesterday. Much better than the usual Chocolate Saturday! Do you still have it? I'm afraid not! I drank it so that I could work out the ingredients. And what exactly are they? Well, they are exactly the same as a Chocolate Saturday, except following it poured, you include a few muscadavo sugars! It really adds flavor!

    It's possible to speak to him and ask where to Cheap RS gold get muscadavo sugar. Where do I get muscadavo sugar out of? I liked the drink a lot, I purchased a buddy to start growing some sugar canes. He is in the west of the stronghold, south of the Gnome Ball Field.