Some are familiar

  • Although it's going to be odd to Madden 21 coins see SpongeBob sharing the stage with football players in Madden NFL 21, the perplexing event is not without reason. Surprisingly, there is an explanation behind the sudden SpongeBob teasers, and it ties back to the property on which Madden is based on. With the NFL and Nickelodeon using a largely undiscussed connection, a larger understanding of the crossover starts to present itself through understanding why the SpongeBob connection has been made doesn't make the fact that it is occurring any less bizarre.

    Captioned"are you prepared?" a reference to the catchy theme song from the beloved series caused by the sea sponge, the post's January 7 release date teases something big is coming soon. While what exactly this is remains to be seen, a bit of SpongeBob-related news has gotten people talking.

    With the majority of people asking why this event is happening, as nobody involved in Madden NFL 21 has commented further on the crossover, so it would be easy to suppose that there is simply no answer behind the team-up. This Sunday, the New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears will be playing every other at a Wild Card game, with each team hoping to brave the challenging route to the Super Bowl. However, the sport won't only be broadcasted on CBS, as a dual broadcast will happen on Nickelodeon.

    The Twitter post announcing the news showcases a few of the things that are going to be seen in the Nickelodeon version of this event, together with the televised appearance including some searchable images like slime in the Kid's Choice Awards and googly eyes being put onto NFL stars. With visuals mimicking the most popular online game Roblox being used to buy mut coins madden 21 watch certain plays, the broadcast certainly appears to understand its audience. The more child-friendly version of the game will even see sideline terrorists being substituted by Nickelodeon stars such as All That's Lex Lumpkin, along with the double broadcast of the playoff game seems like a unique effort to get kids more interested in the sport of soccer.