Psyonix announced that Blueprints will update Crates

  • Psyonix announced that Blueprints will update Crates. Blueprints with varying rarities--like Painted, Certified, and Special Editions--will have a danger to Rocket League Prices drop after finishing matches.

    To create them you'll need Credits, Rocket League's new top class foreign money that may be used on Rocket Pass Premium improvements and purchases from the brand new rotating Item Shop. Further, the Item Shop will characteristic a plethora of content material consisting of new items, legacy Crates, and extra. All Item Shop purchases are locked in your account, however, and cannot be traded.

    Crates aren't the handiest mechanic getting replaced. Credits will update Keys, with all Keys getting converted into Credits. Psyonix did now not quantify the verbal exchange charge. Further, all closing Crates could be converted into Blueprints. Finally, Psyonix defined that the use of Rocket League Item Prices paid content material with the cutting-edge Trade-In device could be disabled. This way any items to procure from these new modifications cannot be traded in for something else, however any unfastened submit-sport gadgets can be traded. Psyonix will put into effect a brand new inventory management system while all of these updates pass stay in December.