Path of Exile: Echoes of Atlas is the most downloaded expansio

  • Path of Exile has been launched for seven years, and it is constantly seeking success. Grinding Gear Games announced today that "Atlas Echo" is the most downloaded extension. Players can POE Currency Buy to enhance their strength in the new league.

    "Echoes of Atlas" is the 35th expansion or update of Path of Exile. The free online action role-playing game (RPG) was released on PC on January 16, and on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on January 20. Grinding Gear said that at the beginning of its release, Atlas Echoes had 265,250 concurrent players on Steam. Since its launch, the New Zealand studio has stated that the number of players is 11% higher than any previous release of Path of Exile. This broke the participation of the Delirium expansion plan in March, when COVID-19 was raging globally for the first time.

    With the restoration of lock-in, it is easy to say that this is what is driving these numbers. While they are helping, Grinding Gear Games general manager Chris Wilson-Atlas' Echoes is popular for other reasons. The league is the world you participate in. The standard league is a game played by ordinary players. The core league is aimed at more advanced players. Etiquette is a challenge alliance, a temporary alliance featuring monster battles and exclusive loot. The game’s trophies include POE Currency, POE Orbs and other items.

    In November 2019, Grinding Gear announced "Path of Exile 2". It will feature a seven-act campaign, but the original Path of Exile campaign will also be available. It will also add new skill systems, courses and game engine improvements. The reverberation of "Atlas" allows players of Path of Exile to experience the expectations of the sequel.

    "The 11 new maps introduced along with Echoes of Atlas demonstrate the graphical quality that can be expected from Path of Exile 2. Our current philosophy of careful development scope for Atlas Echo also allows us to focus on Path of Exile 2 while still pushing the original The quarterly expansion of the game." said Grinding Gear Games general manager Chris Wilson. With the arrival of Diablo IV news at BlizzCon Online next month, players in Path of Exile can taste what their future sounds like a wise idea. If you need to buy POE Items, then POECurrency will provide you with quality services.