Outdoor Garden Gazebo's Historical Change Process


      In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, small cities often had large outdoor gardens gazebo in the city center or parks, where they were often used as bandstands. Due to its nostalgic charm, the pavilion is a popular prop for garden weddings, usually related to romantic scenes and photos in movies such as "The Sound of Music".

      The pavilion-like structure has been built for centuries. The Egyptians built an outdoor garden gazebo to support grapes to make wine and raisins. They believe that these earthly paradise-pavilions and gardens will follow them to heaven.

      Greece and Rome

      The outdoor garden gazebo can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome. The Greeks built temples in public places surrounded by gardens and provided marble pavilions to commemorate the gods and goddesses.

      The Romans used their private gardens as places of leisure and entertainment. The outdoor garden gazebo was built as a beautiful outdoor facility and meeting place.

      Middle Ages and Renaissance

      Although the outdoor garden gazebo does attract people's attention, they have been built to provide privacy in the past. The exquisite gardens of churches and monasteries use pavilions as places for meditation or shrines. During the European Middle Ages and the Renaissance, these shelters were built in large manor areas far away. The pavilion will be the destination of the manor and his guests to the fresh air outside but still under the roof.

      United Kingdom

      The outdoor garden gazebo was popular in England from the 16th to the 18th century and can be found in parks or large private estates. In the 19th century, the pavilion was built for the middle class, and it also served as a refuge in the landscape, not as a decorative architectural feature. Enjoy the custom of English afternoon tea in a pavilion or similar building.


      Tea house (or tea house) is another form of a pavilion, which has been popular in China and Japan for hundreds of years. The tea ceremony is a time for rest, contemplation, and reflection while enjoying each other’s company and admiring the beautiful environment of nature

      Create a private place

      As the size of residential properties shrinks, it is difficult to find a place of refuge-a place away from daily work or home. To create comfortable shelters in smaller places, add a pergola or elevated roofs to pavilions, pavers, and roads leading to the area. In order to increase privacy, please insert lattice panels on the walls and plant vines to grow on the frame. It looks beautiful and can easily escape.