Madden 22 Schemes: The Definitive Guide

  • At the beginning of Madden 22, related topics also appeared! Many fan players have begun to prepare their game schedule, such as offensive tactics, defensive Schemes, ways to obtain MUT 22 Coins, etc. Whether you are a new player who knows nothing about Madden or an experienced hometown, I believe you have some understanding of the word "Scheme"! However, not every fan player knows how this is used; therefore, if you want to know the details of the Scheme in Madden 22, master how to adjust in Madden 22 and become the best in Madden 22!

    What is the Scheme in Madden 22?

    The Madden 22 Scheme is a set of games around a limited number of formations. It usually involves games that can be repeated and exploit the weaknesses of the game.

    Offensive Schemes usually include simple adjustments to defeat different types of reported matches. On the other hand, defense Schemes generally have many adjustments to generate pressure, cover deep areas, or cover halfway.


    Is Schemening important in Madden 22?

    Yes, that's right! Making a Scheme is crucial, especially in online mode. Many players naturally make Schemes to repeat games that are effective and comfortable to them. The preference scheme also depends on the current metadata of the game.

    Madden 21's defensive Scheme involves adequate coverage of people. In response, most offensive Schemes provide multiple routes for beating people. This makes Madden 21 a pass-heavy game.

    On the other hand, Madden 20 is undoubtedly a game centered on running. The defensive Scheme has a lot of blitzes to stop running.

    From what we have seen so far, Madden 22 seems to be an offensive game centered on passing, mainly a defensive game of regional blitz.


    How do you play area coverage in Madden 22?

    To cover the play area in Madden 22, you need to select the location to play from the play screen of your choice or hear it on the field by pressing the Square or X button.

    The area is the area that a particular defender must cover. There are three main types of area coverage: Cover 2 (two deep areas), Cover 3 (three deep areas), and Cover 4 (four deep regions). By choosing the area to cover the play, each defender will be assigned to a specific location.

    Madden 22 has many improvements in the way computer-controlled defenders play zones. This means that fewer players can cover most of the field. Since fewer defensive guards are needed in the coverage area, the regional blitz will be the best type of game.

    The characteristic of the regional blitz is that there are fewer defenders in the coverage area, allowing more people to attack QB. This creates pressure and usually results in sacks, incomplete passes, or errors. The key to managing this type of coverage lies in regional adjustments, which can be dropped to a certain distance or played at a certain depth.


    How do you adjust the zone depth in Madden 22?

    Zone depth adjustment can be achieved by pressing the triangle or Y button and flicking the right-side simulation to an option. This operation is often referred to as shadow coverage because the area's color changes according to the adjustment.

    The defender will play the coverage and focus on the deep route by flicking up the correct simulation. The defender allows the receiver to gain a short distance when hitting the ball to protect the deep zone.

    • By flicking down the correct simulation, the defender will play within the coverage area. This means that DB is more likely to oppress the defender, which is a reasonable adjustment for the short-yardage situation.
    • By flicking the simulation on the right to the left, the defender will cover the inside. Defenders will focus on routes that run within the numbers, such as in-route and inclination.
    • By clicking the right side of the simulation, the defender will cover the outside line. This means that the defensive back will focus on games against the sidelines, such as outside and corner kicks.


    When to use the area in Madden 22 to drop

    When you want to cover a specific field area, it is best to use the area drop in Madden 22. Most places have weaknesses that opponents can take advantage of. To avoid this, Madden introduced area descent to modify the coverage of a specific area to a particular part of the venue.

    • Area drop is a great feature added in Madden 21, and it continues to Madden 22 now. On the coach adjustment screen, you can modify the drop distance of a specific type of area. This includes areas such as flat bottoms, curled flat tails, and hooks. Airdrops can allow players to more accurately cover particular parts of the field and dismantle the offensive Scheme.
    • This is all you need to know about the construction of the Madden 22 Scheme; be prepared to create pressure, improve your reporting skills, and get the glory of the Super Bowl.