The complete guide to Escape from Tarkov tournament

  • Dear readers and players, we are a team of enthusiasts who strive to make exciting tournaments for Escape from Tarkov. Through this tournament, you can get more resources, prizes, and more Tarkov Roubles in Escape from Tarkov. We will be very grateful to you if you don't miss this material, or better, even take part in the tournament.


    The first season of the "Battle of Juniors" tournaments

    We present to you the trailer of the 1st season of the "Battle of Juniors" from the team of organizers "Chiki Briki Games."


    What are the requirements and how to participate?

    To participate in the tournament, you must provide:

    Screenshot of the game profile, in which the level of the player-applicant for participation will be at least 5 (fifth), but not more than 50 (fiftieth) on the date of application for participation, together with the game nickname (Screenshot)

    Discord nickname for communication and coordination during the tournament.

    The name of the profile must match the nickname in Discord so that we, as the organizers of the tournament, can guarantee your 100% participation in the tournament and correctly accrue points in the process of completing tournament tasks. (If the name on and in the Discord channel is different, then you will not be assigned a role on the track, and you will not be included in the tournament grid since there will be no way to identify you)

    You will also need to register for the tournament itself on to receive an individual temporary tournament account. You will not participate in the main narrative. Read more about the registration process below.


    Where to send applications for the tournament?

    To get started, you can leave them in the Chiki Briki Games Discord Server in the # tournament-application-room, or send your application by email: The application consists of eligible Screenshots, i.e., for the correct application, you must indicate the same Nicknames in Discord & and attach a screenshot that meets the requirements (from 5 to 40 player level).


    What are the conditions for winning the tournament, and what tasks are set for the participants in the game?

    The conditions of the tournament are the execution of 3 tasks at the same time:


    • Loot extraction or collection
    • Eliminating wild
    • Liquidation of PMC operators


    Please note that only 1 (one) raid is allocated to complete three tasks.

    But, despite this division, each iteration of the tournament is the most regular raid in Escape from Tarkov. For clarity, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the video:


    Will all locations have the same tasks?

    No, at the first location, "Customs," you must fulfill the conditions described above. If you have completed all the tasks successfully at the first location, "Customs," then you go to the final to a second location.

    Please note that if you go to the finals, you can take with you any equipment that you managed to keep or get in the previous round of the competition. It is also allowed to use any currency obtained in the raid or obtained from the sale of Loot to the Buyer to purchase additional equipment and consumables from merchants before the final.

    At the second location, "Reserve," which is the final map of the tournament, you must fulfill not only the conditions described above but also evacuate by train, which, due to the additional complexity, adds 50 points to you in the final run.


    How to report on completed tasks?

    All you need to do after the end of the raid (tournament iteration) is to send screenshots with completed tasks to a particular folder on Google Drive, to which you will have access.


    What Screenshots should I provide for confirmation? and what else can you need from me?

    Screenshot of elimination of "PMC Operators" \ "Retinues" \ "Boss" \ "Wild" (window with a list of eliminated targets upon completion of the raid) to score points for elimination.

    Screenshot of the total cost of the Loot from the Buyer (for earning points for Loot) and Screenshot of the stash after the sale (to avoid dishonest re-donation of Loot), please note that the Buyer does not buy keys!

    Screenshot Tokens of "PMC Operators" in the expanded form of all tokens (points for tokens, nicknames must be visible). The tokens after the iteration must also be sold.

    Clip from Twitch, with the moment of evacuation by train (points for evacuation on the "Reserve" map)


    What do I need to do to register for the tournament?

    To register for the tournament, you need to go through quick registration on the platform.


    Why is this needed?

    The tournament module present on the platform makes it possible to use the FFA grid, which is the Gameplay concept of the Escape from Tarkov game mode. This module also greatly simplifies the maintenance of the tournament grid and allows you to enter information about the tournament in real time quickly. Well, this is the only way to get a temporary personal tournament account, without which you cannot participate.


    How to register for a tournament on the platform?

    Below is short video instruction for registering for the tournament. Or you can read the article, which describes how to write on the platform.


    What are the rewards for participating in the tournament?

    Since the tournament is called "Battle of Juniors," it would seem that the awards should be simple. However, in addition to them, trial edition keys will be raffled for viewers, sharing with friends.


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    How can I get a game key, and what do I need for this?

    To win the keys, you need to come to the broadcast, watch the matches at the tournament, and at one of the moments, you will have the opportunity to get the key.