After Driving In Warm Weather, The Sealed Gel Battery Will Disc


      Most of us have experienced that terrible moment when the car just refused to start. Although we often equate used Sealed Gel Battery with the severe cold temperature in winter, did you know that summer is actually more difficult for your car battery? In fact, the Sealed Gel Battery in a cold climate has a lifespan of 51 months, while the Sealed Gel Battery in a warm climate has a lifespan of only 30 months.

      After driving in warm weather, the battery will discharge itself within 24 hours-a few days in cold weather. This means that if you don’t take proper measures to keep your battery healthy, you may find yourself waking up in extreme heat conditions and drain your battery. Here are five ways to provide batteries with the TLC needed this summer:

      1. Keep cool

      Since heat consumes the car’s battery, parking it in a cool or dark place can add time to your battery. (Additional benefit: when you get in the car, your car interior will also get cooler!)

      2. Increase your driving time

      Driving a short distance is a sure way to kill the battery because the alternator needs time to charge the battery after it is started. Short trips with a large number of start and stop functions do not have time for the battery to fully recover.

      3. Reduce car battery consumption

      These days, we have very high requirements for cars. Power-consuming devices such as navigation systems, DVD players, MP3 players, smartphones, and onboard computers consume battery power. Everything you plug into the system will cause losses, so please reassess what you really need and how often you use it.

      4. Keep it clean

      Dirt and grease act as an insulator, spreading heat around the battery. Wiping it regularly with a paper towel or rag will help prevent dirt from accumulating power consumption. Please check Car Care 101 for more engine cleaning tips to help your car continue to drive.

      5. Get a Sealed Maintenance Free Battery charger

      Consider investing in car battery chargers. If you park your car for a long time, such as while on vacation, the car battery charger can prevent it from depleting when not in use. Learn more about extending car battery life.

      Even if the car battery is properly maintained, the car battery may run out at an inappropriate time. Learn how Nationwide's 24-hour emergency roadside assistance can help you when the battery is dead or other car malfunctions.