How to charge Sealed AGM Battery?


      How to charge Sealed AGM Battery?

      Some machines systematically charge Sealed AGM Battery, such as some home alarms or backup systems. This means that you don't have to remove the battery and charge it on the battery charger.

      If you really need to use a battery charger to charge the Sealed AGM Battery, choosing the correct battery charger will affect the performance and service life of the Sealed AGM Battery. When choosing a charger for the Sealed AGM Battery, the general rule of thumb is to use a charger that does not exceed 20% of the battery's rated capacity (20 hours).

      Example; To charge a 12V/7.5A battery, please select a charger with a maximum charging output of 1.5A (7.5 x 0.20 = 1.5).

      What terminal do I need?

      The sealed AGM Battery is used in a variety of products, so the battery can be used in a variety of different terminal configurations.

      I dropped the Sealed AGM Battery, what should I do?

      Please use protective equipment before disposing of batteries and avoid contact with sulfuric acid. Use rubber or neoprene gloves, safety glasses, acid-resistant boots, aprons, and clothing. Neutralize any spilled electrolyte or exposed battery parts with soda ash or sodium bicarbonate until the hissing stops. Put the damaged battery in a thick plastic bag or other non-metallic containers. Recycle the battery immediately. Do not store old lead-acid batteries, especially lead-acid batteries with damaged casings.

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