Take care of your Sealed Gel Battery

  •   Common uses of Sealed Gel Battery

      Sealed Gel Battery is commonly used in mobile phones, cameras, motorcycles, and marine equipment. It is also used in high-end cars. Due to its low-maintenance feature, users do not need to add water to the battery regularly to ensure that the electrolyte level is normal. The sealed Gel Battery has less acid than ordinary deep-cycle car batteries. As the electrolyte solution transforms into a gel, it is almost impossible to spill the contents, preventing any acid from oozing out.

      Take care of your Sealed Gel Battery

      There are some restrictions when charging gel batteries. In order to prevent excessive gas formation inside the battery, the user must charge at a slower speed. These batteries must be charged at a lower voltage to prevent overcharging. Overcharging a gel battery may cause it to become permanently porous, which will affect the battery's lifespan.

      Advantages of Sealed Gel Battery

      Low maintenance

      Reduce the chance of spilling acid

      Lighter than ordinary batteries

      Can be used in cold weather

      Disadvantages of Sealed Gel Battery

      More expensive compared to other battery types

      Charging speed and voltage is slower than ordinary batteries

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