Know 12v Deep CycleGel Battery Features


    Apart from Amp Hour, discharge cycle life, and depth of discharge, here are some other features you may want to consider in a 12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery.

    Size and weight: Smaller batteries are easier to carry and reduce overall vehicle weight.
    Voltage rating: Higher voltage batteries should be used for larger loads.
    Charging time: The smaller the number, the faster the battery charges.
    Durability: Batteries can be susceptible to extreme temperatures, vibrations, shocks. Pick one suited to your usage.
    Shelf life: The ideal shelf life for a deep cycle battery is 10 years before it loses maximum capacity.
    Charging method: Note how the battery is charged. You can often use a smart charger to help adjust voltage and current.
    Temperature tolerance: Check its ability to deliver power at different temperatures, especially if you live in very hot or extremely cold climates.

    If you are interested in Sealed 12v Battery, welcome to your come and purchase!