I Think You Can Pick Up Automatic Chainsaw.

  • Which one should I choose between power grass trimmer and fuel lawn mower?

    The fuel type has high power and long working hours, but the noise and vibration are more obvious, so it is suitable for places with low environmental requirements.

    Electric models have low power, short working time, but low noise, and are more stable to use, but require regular charging, which is suitable for shorter working hours or places closer to the charging place.


    How to choose the best chain saw that meets your needs?

    The best saw chain is not necessarily the best choice for your specific needs. It is recommended that you prioritize these factors when determining which chain saw is best for you.

    1. Determine the size

    Another important issue is the size of the chain saw. This is determined by piston displacement (cm3) and engine power (hp or kW), and you also need to consider the following factors when choosing a size:

    Proficiency and experience. If you are new to working with chainsaws, choose a small chain saw that is easier to handle. If the chain saw is too heavy, your arms and hands will be fatigued, and this will pose a safety risk for a long time.

    The type of wood and the size of the tree. If you want to cut larger trees, especially hardwoods, choose a large chain saw with more power. If the model is too small, the chain saw will suffer huge stress and unnecessary wear.

    1. The length of the guide plate

    The appropriate length of the guide is determined by the size of the tree, and to a certain extent also depends on your level of expertise. If you are accustomed to operating a chain saw, you should obtain at least two different lengths of guides to change the length of the guides according to different tree sizes. The short guide plate is light in weight and easier to handle during branching operations. The long guide plate is suitable for large trees. If you are not used to handling, you can choose an automatic chainsaw.