Variety Of Power Grass Trimmer Styles

  • Lawn mowers are mainly divided into the following four categories: Reel Lawn Mowers, Electric Mowers, Gas Mowers, Riding Lawn Mowers ).

    Today, we will introduce the power grass trimmer

    Although the electric lawn mower is noisy, it is less noisy than the gasoline lawn mower. It does not need to be refueled or maintained. It is easy to operate and lighter than the gasoline type. The base width is between 14-20 inches, suitable for small lawns. ; The disadvantage is that the motor is easy to burn out.

    Electric lawn mowers are also divided into corded electric mowers and cordless electric mowers.

    1. Corded Electric Mowers

    Wired electric lawn mowers don’t need to be charged in advance and can be used when plugged in. However, long wires are in the way and are easy to trip over or wind up the coil. If you are not careful, the coil can easily be rolled into the blade and cut off. However, the price is relatively cheap. Between 100-200 US dollars.

    1. Cordless Electric Mowers

    The wireless electric lawn mower relies on rechargeable batteries, which need to be charged in advance. It is more convenient to use. The price is more expensive than wired electric lawn mowers, between 200-500 US dollars. However, the battery life is limited, and one needs to be replaced in two or three years. Batteries are usually not cheap either.

    In addition to lawn mowers, electric automatic chainsaw is also worth the time to choose.