Why Use Adjustable Cabinet Feet?

  •   Why use Adjustable Cabinet Feet?

      Now that you have exactly a better idea to use these types of feet, we will outline a couple of main reasons why they are used.

      Some of the main reasons for using Adjustable Cabinet Feet are to support heavy loads. This and assigning weights accordingly is a problem that many other solutions may encounter. You can especially choose adjustable feet according to your own use and weight requirements. Compared with smaller threads, larger thread sizes and bottom diameters provide the best counterweight capacity.

      How to measure Adjustable Cabinet Feet:

      When measuring adjustable feet, it is important to grasp the key requirements that can improve daily performance. Likewise, it is important to consider weight capacity. The figure below outlines the most important parts to consider when measuring adjustable feet.

      1. Basic diameter: The basic diameter is essential for stabilizing and supporting the weight of an object. The larger the base, the better the level of stability.

      To find the bottom diameter of the foot, you should measure the size of the entire bottom as indicated in the picture.

      2. Thread length: The thread length is very important for adjusting the height and installing these feet. Longer threads will provide more upward height than shorter threads.

      The thread length of the adjustable foot is usually the distance between the stud and the bolt. The stud is the part marked "thread size". The bolt is the part where the thread connects to the Hardwood Door Frame.

      3. Thread size: Thread size is a key factor in supporting the weight of an object. This is also important for thread compatibility because the thread must match the type of thread to be screwed in.

      To find the metric thread size in feet, you should first measure the diameter of the thread. It can be measured by placing a ruler on the stud of the adjustable foot (marked as the thread size in the picture) and measuring in millimeters.