How do you cut PVC Expansion Sheet?

  •   What is PVC Expansion Sheet?

      PVC Expansion Sheet, commonly known as Foamex® board, is a flat, lightweight material available in a variety of colors and thicknesses. This material can be easily manufactured and shaped using conventional tools and methods, and the surface of the PVC foam board is easy to accept screen printing and digital printing. Usually used for signage, printing, point-of-sale, crafts, and model making. PVCFoamex® is a good substrate for printing, point-of-sale display, and signage.

      How do you cut PVC Expansion Sheet?

      Ordinary household DIY tools (such as hacksaws or jigsaws, fine-toothed blades) or even ordinary Stanley knives can be used to make Foamex PVC sheets. We understand the changing environment of our customers and the time frame required, so we provide sizing services so that customers can accurately purchase what they may need for custom shapes. Our cut-to-length cutting service also includes cutting discs. We can also cut customized shapes. Please contact us so that we can quote you.

      What is the main use of the PVC Expansion Sheet?

      Our customers use Skirting Board Manufacturers in a variety of different applications

      PVCFoamex®, from the use of signs to special substrates for printers, and partition walls for booths and cladding. In addition, PVC foam boards can also be used for smaller purposes, such as beer mats in bars, bars, and restaurants, and are often printed with their trademarks, board game counters, and even art and handicraft exhibitions.