We Are Committed To Providing A Series Of Hardwood Door Frames


      The hardwood engineered door frame with weatherproof and weatherproof seals is part of our "Trade" series of engineered solid laminated structural door frames, which are made of laminated hardwood and equipped with weatherproof and weatherproof gaskets. The main functions/advantages include various sizes to meet the standard ready-made door sizes available for exterior doors. Adjustable Cabinet Feet can also be adjusted (adjusted by the carpenter) to fit any door size smaller than the rated size of the frame, and can be opened inward or outward; all wood used in frame manufacturing comes from well-managed sources; all frames All are ready, and final preparations can be made after proper treatment.

      In the width of the entire frame, the top and bottom are increased by 40mm.

      Solid wood hardwood engineering door frame

      Most of our inner and outer doors are manufactured with engineered parts. This ensures that the door and frame provide a solid feel, and the engineering design brings advantages in terms of strength and stability. The frame is easy to adjust to fit smaller sizes and can be placed on the property for a wide range of uses. If you have any questions about Hardwood Door Frame, please call +86-574-63787853 to contact the sales team.

      FSC and PEFC

      We are committed to providing a series of environmentally responsible doors and are fully committed to adhering to the principles of FSC and PEFC. We source doors from manufacturers, and manufacturers source materials from well-managed forests. Therefore, more and more products we provide have obtained FSC and PEFC certification. We try to ensure that the products on our website comply with relevant standards. If needed, please ask for more information.