Wide Application Of Copper Enameled Wire


    Aluminum enameled wire is a kind of enameled wire that is used more and more at this stage, which is inseparable from its own characteristics. Aluminum enameled wire not only preserves some of the advantages of copper enameled wire, but also has more engineering cost. advantage. Therefore, it has won the favor of many users, and in the future, following the continuous development of aluminum enameled wire, there will be a large number of applications in the future.

    On the whole, aluminum enameled wire has high temperature resistance, high thermal shock and softening and penetration characteristics, which is suitable for high-speed automatic technology entanglement, and also has high breakdown field strength, no pinholes, direct solderability, high frequency resistance, The dielectric loss is compared with that of copper enameled wire. Aluminum enameled wire has a high temperature resistance level of 20℃ higher than that of copper enameled wire; while copper conductors are changed to aluminum conductors, only the conductor diameter must be increased by 14.7%. All other technical parameters have not been changed; The first thing is to use one ton of copper enameled wire, but only 0.4 tons of aluminum enameled wire, which is about 40% of the copper weight, and the cost is more than 20% of the copper enameled wire.
     Therefore, many factors have made the application of copper enameled wire more and more extensive!